Maximum inspiration: ‘Once Upon a Tea Time’

Once Upon a Tea Time

A few blogs have really tripled my blogging-experience lately, providing me with a lot of inspiration, and filling my days with a great sense of enjoyment.

In this post, I will start with my latest find on the blogosphere: Once Upon a Tea Time.

Once Upon a Tea Time's office

(This is where the blogger behind Once Upon a Tea Time writes her posts. Pic via)

The lady behind this blog (as I have understood) is of Indian roots. I believe her exposure to many cultures (having lived in different spots on the map), as well as her cultivated personal taste (and talent), are reason why her blog is truly one-of-a-kind.

Marie Claire Maison Italia

(via Once Upon a Tea Time/’ouatt’, via Marie Claire Maison Italia)

Her appreciation - and connection - with the infinitely-rich Indian heritage can also be  another reason why her blog stands out both aesthetically, as well as in terms of penmanship.

West Elm Jute Rug on OUATT

(This West Elm Jute Rug is via ‘ouatt’ - via West Elm)

Once Upon a Tea Time is a pleasant experience, and a great resource for beautiful homes, brands, and visual stories. In there, there is a story and an album full of really inspiring pictures, which makes it the best blog I’ve ever been to since I started my beautiful-things surfing journey.

Elle Interior Sweden

(via ‘ouatt’ via Elle Interior Sweden via Style Files)

My ‘beautiful-things journey’ started almost a year ago after I had decided to end  a 14-year career in media and communication. I started experimenting with jewelry instead. And, I’ve never been happier. On the blogosphere, I was part of another realm, a realm of analytical, serious, stressful news. Today I swim in a new current, in a new part of my life, surroundings, as well as the blogosphere - where beauty reigns supreme, and I am grateful for that.

Rachana Saurabh art

(via ‘ouatt’ via artist Rachana Saurabh blog)

I am grateful for getting a second chance at life, where I can look for, discover, experience, and enjoy new things, and build a new aesthetic and life-concept around me based on the appreciation of beauty, inside-out.