Boho details: Tassels, pom-poms, patterns & beads

Wire-lashing jewelry

The method behind what’s boho. This photo is for those who make jewelry, like myself, with a bit of an insider look on “technique.”

Packaging Inspiration from Anthroplogie. An enclosure of generously gilded leather enveloping: hand-bound pages wrapped by a tassel cord.



Vintage nomadic boho: Mirrors on Pillows. Gypsy belt from an Indian accessories tradition.

boho cuchion

boho cushion

Boho Cushions for Comfort. Indian mirrored cushions.

Anthropologie ethnic cushion. Beautiful colors & prints.

Pom Pom beauty. A fusion pom-pom necklace marrying different jewelry-making techniques, found at Anthropologie.

Anthro tasseled pin necklaceTasseled Boho Necklace. Anthropologie is now posting this necklace on their website, and it is an absolute darling.

I posted an older tutrorial about making your own tassel on my other blog,

There, you can also find a little story about the origin of tassels, and how it relates to my culture & spirirtual heritage.

Tassels are everywhere in the Levant. They are part of daily life, rather than being a fashion trend that comes & goes.

They adorn prayer rosaries, and go all the way to decorate curtains, cushions, and so many other decorative items.

Now they are on necklaces and bracelets; which is not their usual place.

My personal belief, without really researching my claims, is that Ottomans spread ‘the tassel’ in the world!

I love tassels!

Let’s not forget to go back to wire-lashing, and again it’s a necklace from Anthropologie…

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